Margin Trading

Performing your First Trade Select between Long and Short. Long is for trades that win when the price of BTC goes up, and Short is for trades that win when the price of BTC goes down. According to the level of leverage you take, the Liquidation Price will adjust. If for example you wished to Long BTC at 2x leverage, your Liquidation Price will be further from the current price of BTC than it would if you were to do 5x leverage. It works similarly for leveraging Short, but in the opposite direction.

Interest APR: Interest is paid upfront at the specified rate in 28-day periods when taking a position. Should you close your position earlier, the unspent amount will be refunded. If your position gets rolled over after 28 days, you’ll pay again the interest for the next period in advance. To place a trade, simply input the amount of BTC you wish to execute the trade with and click Place Trade. Accept the transaction through your Web3 wallet, and your trade should be visible below, under Trading Activity

Here you can see each position you have taken, the APR for holding the position, and the amount of Profit/Loss. You can top-up your position here as well as close it. A completely optional service we provide is email notifications for any alerts regarding your positions on Sovryn.

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