BTC <> RBTC The RBTC - BTC peg is what allows users to move their funds between the Bitcoin to RSK blockchains. When BTC is moved to RSK, it is never in control of the multi-signatories- meaning it can never be stolen.

Sovryn’s trading platform has undergone rigorous audits and testing on mainnet before its December 15 launch. The RSK chain is merge-mined by what is called the PowPeg, which protects private keys stored in special purpose PowHSMs based on tamper-proof secure elements (SE). Each PowHSM runs an RSK node in SPV mode, and so signatures can only be commanded by chain cumulative proof of work. Security is established in the Powpeg through the simplicity of a layered design we refer to as defense-in-depth. As Bitcoiners value security over the lastest over-hyped functionality, we expect RSK to become the first choice of DeFi for Bitcoiners.

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