How can I earn interest on my BTC? To lend BTC, go to https://live.sovryn.app/lend and input the amount of BTC you would like to lend, and click Deposit BTC. The Interest APR is the % you can expect to gain annually for lending your BTC. Keep in mind, this is entirely non-custodial and you are free to withdraw at any time. This is the most faithful platform for lending true Bitcoin and earning sats without having to entrust your holdings to a centralized custodian or a multi-sig that issues digital IOUs for your Bitcoin. The % APR will change according to the demand for borrowing BTC on the permissionless Sovryn platform.

Interest payments made by borrowers are distributed to lenders. The Sovryn Protocol collects 10% of interest for the insurance fund, which exists to protect lenders in the possible case of a loan defaulting. The second way to earn on BTC is providing liquidity to Sovryn’s AMM. Currently, users are able to swap between Dollars on Chain (DoC) and Bitcoin (RBTC), with more assets to come. Liquidity providers will be able to earn from trading fees as well as earn yield from Sovryn’s future liquidity mining program. Unlike other AMMs that only accept a 50/50 ratio among a pair of cryptocurrencies, you would only need to deposit one in order to start earning swap fees. The fees will start at 0.1% per swap per coin for liquidity providers.

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